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April 10

Understanding Meditation Aside from what you can find in the dictionary, the term meditation refers to a vast assortment of traditions or routines that consists of methods designed to stimulate relaxation, form an internal energy or life force (Qi, ki, Prana, etc.), cultivate compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness.  It brings various meanings in different... Read more

April 7

Best Places You Can Go to Unwind or Relax (Part I) The time is almost 5:00 pm.  In a few minutes, you will be punching out and will... Read more


What to do When you are Burnout? It’s almost Friday, just one more sleep and the weekend is approaching.  Oh, how you would like to stretch the hours or wish it is Saturday already so you can still stay in bed... Read more

April 5

What to do when you are burnout? 4. Try to refocus your attention By doing something else aside from what you are currently doing, your mind can take a little... Read more